Normandy is committed to sustainability and accountability throughout our 14 million sf portfolio and pursues energy efficiency projects within existing buildings on a proactive basis and in connection with each redevelopment project. At Center 78, Normandy achieved LEED Gold certification with the delivery of a photovoltaic solar plant, the retrofitting of all lighting property-wide, and installation of a start of the art building management system. Normandy reports on its annual sustainability performance in accordance with GRI G4 Standards. Normandy also employs Pro-Act, a platform that benchmarks water management, green cleaning compliance, mercury lamp elimination, waste stream management and support metrics for determining our portfolio carbon footprint as well as a portfolio-wide real time energy consumption monitoring and analysis to maximize energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Whether it is certification through Energy Star or LEED, Normandy’s properties meet or exceed stringent environmental and efficiency standards and Normandy was recognized with a GRESB Green Star in 2015. Capital projects have included the development of 23 photovoltaic solar plants generating 1.73 megawatts of output.

In 2014, Normandy and the Open Space Institute spearheaded a transaction that permanently set aside 136 acres as a passive public recreational park at Giralda Farms in Chatham Township, New Jersey. Undertaken together with many supporting partners the transaction was the largest-ever open space grant in the history of Morris County and preserved lands featuring 2.3 miles of trails, maintained fields, a pond, and forested areas immediately adjacent to existing county parkland.