Peloton Interactive

Peloton Interactive Inc., Midtown South, New York

Peloton, a fitness technology company founded in New York City in 2012 sought a headquarters facility that was a reflection of its brand and could accommodate its multiple use needs within one facility. Normandy had recently commenced the full redevelopment of 125 W 25 Street in the Chelsea submarket of the Midtown South cluster of Manhattan. With base building design complete and construction already underway, leasing was not expected until closer to certificate of occupancy due to the smaller floorplates and target tenant market. Normandy secured a commitment from Peloton to take multiple floors and adapted the base building delivery to create an integrated work environment on multiple levels at the top of the building. Prior to delivery of the Property, Peloton expanded multiple times. With Normandy managing both the base building work and tenant interior construction, it was able to facilitate these expansions during construction and complete the redevelopment of the building and Peloton’s headquarters simultaneously.